UpRoot Picks for the Holidays

Not sure what to gift this year? Here are some recommendations of fave sustainable goodies from those closest to the source: the UpRoot Team!

1. Maria Ali, Social Media & Marketing Assistant

Loves: Green cities eye pillow with lavender scent

Why: It’s a little item that brings you instant relaxation and comfort anytime you need it!

Green Cities Eye Pillow from UpRoot Design Studio


2. Sara Corenzwit, Shopify & Tech Associate

Loves: My favorite UpRoot product is really any gift box -- but I’ll highlight the “Jolly Greenhouse”...

Why: ...because it has the spirit of giving wintertime joy to whoever receives it, I love the warm goodness of tea in cold weather, and watching a plant grow over time reminds me of the power of small everyday habits like meditation that change your life for the better over time!

Jolly Greenhouse plant growing gift box from UpRoot Design Studio


3. Eva Kalea, Marketing Strategist

Loves: Reusable Lunch Bag

 Organic handmade reusable lunch bags from UpRoot Design Studio


4. Julia Barry, Artist & Founder

Loves: Winter Wellness Gift Box

Why: Delicious, calming, bright & warming...what could be a better way to head into the new year?

Winter Wellness healing gift box from UpRoot Design Studio


5. Tanmayi Deshmukh, Marketing & User Research Consultant

Loves: Dwarf Sunflower Mindful Gardening Kit

 Why: "It is a visual and soulful delight!"

Dwarf Sunflower Mindful Gardening Grow Kit from UpRoot Design Studio