Small habits can add up to big impact. Check out these swaps that'll make you an Earth hero!

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Sustainable Bags

Swap out one-time-use bags for our reusable, hand-sewn beauties! We've got organizer, lunch & tote bags in fun patterns, so you're covered all year long.

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Green Crafts

Being sustainable doesn't mean sacrificing things you love to do. Check out our sustainably-made crafts & games for playtime you can feel good about!

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Zero Waste Gifts

Gifting is a form of love, but can contribute to waste & pollution. With our green gift boxes, you can give gifts everyone will adore, guilt-free!

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A scrumptious, warming treat to keep you going in winter, tea is also a nourishing gift from the plants, people & planet who grow and harvest tea leaves. Now you can be one of those people! Grow and drinking tea to stay in touch with yourself as part of the natural world, and add flavor & spice to your days.

Your order plants a tree + 10% of profits go to local farms, wildlife & environmental justice organizations!

All UpRoot goods are sustainably made and can be sustainably used by you.

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Organic Wellness

Swap out toxic ingredients & packaging for moments for organic self-care

What's Inside?


We prioritize using upcycled and sustainably-printed fabrics.


Packaging is plastic-free and made of recycled materials.


Paper goods are made from recycled or FSC-Certified Sustainable paper.


Made by artist Julia Barry (with help from tiny dog, Tobie)

About Julia

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Everyone should be able to go green!